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Have you worked hard to get where you are but wish you got more out of your career?

Could you make more of a difference if you had more confidence?

Do you want a better balance?

Do you miss your sense of fun and want to find your sparkle again?


Even though you want to make changes, finding the time, motivation and self-belief can be difficult on your own. As your coach, I will help you identify what’s important, what’s getting in your way and the strategies which are most effective in making the changes you want.

It’s a rewarding and creative partnership which will have a deep impact in the different spheres of your life.


Alison Purves, East Sussex

I thought I could not afford coaching. However, I got the money together and now each month I think, I cannot afford not to have coaching with Lisa. In terms of money alone, the payback has been immediate. In terms of confidence, clarity and balance – priceless.

Jo – Mum and TV producer

Lisa has helped me to understand myself and what is important in my life. She’s guided me, challenged me when I needed it and also celebrated me and my achievements. The epitome of a ‘coach’! She kept me focused on what I want to achieve, when it’s so easy for me to get distracted by everyday ups and downs.

Emma Wrigley, Business Development

Thank you so much Lisa. You’ve opened up a world of opportunity for me. Things that I thought were way out of my reach seem close enough to touch. I am approaching the next phase of my life with a really feeling of joy and possibility rather than dread and fear.