Individual coaching and career transition

Professional women now expect to have three potential careers over a life time. So having deeply rewarding work which fits with your wider lifestyle is more important than ever before.

Coaching helps you with three key components: understanding your core drivers and purpose, knowing what you are best at and enjoy, and having the emotional resilience and confidence to get it.

 ”I have been able to build a clear vision of how I would like my life and career to look in the future, this has provided the confidence I need to achieve it and the coaching has given me hints and tips on the steps I need to take to get there”. BH, London.

At different points in your life you’ll need different support to make changes happen. That’s why I offer a range of coaching programmes or shorter packages which can be tailored to meet your needs. Read more about coaching and what my clients say about the coaching process here. If you don’t see something you are looking for, , please contact me.

1 to 1 career and personal development coaching

Coaching for fulfilment and impact – a personally tailored series of coaching sessions supporting and motivating you to reach your career and personal development ambitions ( 45 minute sessions by phone or 60  mins in person). For instance, you might want to refocus your career , develop your leadership style, improve relationships at work, create a better work life balance, develop emotional resilience, reduce stress. For more information and free sample session, please contact Lisa.

Career change and maternity transition programmes and boosters

Complete career change programme – a structured coaching programme which helps you identify a full blueprint and plan for an exciting and viable new career direction. Contact me for a discussion and further information.

Complete maternity transition programme – a flexible package of between 8 – 10 sessions and email support spanning the final trimester to the first few months back at work.  Issues which are typically covered include: handing over at work and preparing for the baby, managing difficult emotions, creating balance, prioritising and making choices, re-building confidence and re-establishing yourself at work. Contact me for a discussion, wherever you are in your maternity journey.

Coaching Booster: Confident for the job – a tailored coaching package of between 2 – 6 hours which helps you return to work after a break or enter the job market more confidently.

Whether you want to improve your mind-set, review your skills and strengths or prepare for a job application, we will identify and work on the elements which will help you make the best of your transition into work. These might include:

  • Revising your CV (or remembering what you are good at) – understanding your skills, strengths and achievements so you can put your best foot forward (NB: this is not a CV writing service, but will provide you with relevant content and give you tips and pointers)
  • Your personal brand – what is uniquely important to you and about you, what do you want people to know about you, and how does this match with your potential job?
  • Preparing confidently – creating the powerful vision and the body language which can dramatically improve your chances of success
  • Interview skills (for competency based interviews) – recognising and rehearsing your strengths, achievements, questions and weak points so you can have a constructive and potentially enjoyable two-way discussion with an employer
  • Body language – feedback and coaching on how you can communicate with your body language most effectively (face to face sessions only)

This package requires you to do some advance preparation and exercises before the coaching begins, depending on which elements we identify. The timing of sessions will depend on your situation and requirements.

Contact me to arrange a discussion and further information.

Coaching Booster: Rediscovering Me – is a first step to recovering your identity and working out what is important to you in moving forward. It is aimed at people who have given significant time to caring for others such as mothers or carers.

Listening intently to your values, vision and strengths we start to reveal the compass which will guide you in moving forward powerfully and with more certainty. You will complete a questionnaire in advance, designed to stimulate your thinking and enable you to explore pertinent issues in the coaching.

This session can be divided into 2 x 1 hour sessions or as a single 2 hour piece over the phone or in person.

Contact me to arrange a discussion and further information.