Executive and team coaching

Coaching with Lisa not only helps solve specific issues, but improves people’s skills, resilience and overall contribution at work.

Reasons you might hire Lisa to coach women executives in your organisation include:

  • To retain your female talent and strengthen your organisation’s diversity at senior levels
  • Enabling an Executive to improve their confidence, influence and impact at work
  • Facilitating a leader’s vision and authentic leadership style
  • Work-life balance and/or stress is affecting performance or culture
  • Supporting an Executive  to effectively plan and manage their maternity transition
  • You are restructuring and want to support and motivate people to move into new roles
  • Confidential and objective support in developing an Executive’s communication skills or to improve a particular relationship at work

Read more about coaching and what clients say about Lisa’s coaching here. For more information about coaching rates and packages, please contact Lisa.

Increasingly organisations want to improve the strength and effectiveness of their teams, and enable individuals to get more from their relationships at work. Team coaching builds your team’s capability to:

  • Intentionally set a team culture which which supports high performance
  • Manage change constructively and openly
  • Create positive and resilient team relationships
  • Improve collaboration and partnership working
  • Develop their skills to think and problem solve creatively
  • Resolve conflicts

Lisa works with her coaching partner in delivering team coaching. For further information, please contact Lisa.