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You may be feeling rather flat about your job, overwhelmed by competing demands on your time, or have lost your “sparkle” and drive. You have worked hard to get where you are, but you have an underlying sense that there could be more purpose to life and work, if only you could find it and then make it happen!

Whether you have been through a life changing event, or you have drifted into a single lane of the motorway and can’t seem to shift yourself out, you know that you could be creating something more worthwhile for yourself and for others. Perhaps make a bigger impact out there in the world.

And you can – if you are prepared to take the next step.

And that’s to recognise that you do have choices and a unique blend of talents. You can choose the work which makes your heart sing, you can be more at ease with how things affect you and the people who matter to you. If you don’t quite believe it can happen, you have to take a leap of faith because no one else can do it for you. And once you’ve done it, you’ll find that it’s more liberating and fulfilling than you thought possible.

You will get to know what is really important to you now, understand your blockers and how to get more flow, and take the actions which will propel you into a more satisfying phase of yor life.

Let’s see if we can partner up and really enjoy this voyage of discovery.

 If you take on coaching with Lisa, be prepared to run the gauntlet – willing to recognise and change your limiting beliefs and patterns. I have through our sessions connected to my deeper purpose and vision around sustainability, executive leadership and the law. Ruby, Law and Sustainability.


Since my teens I have been deeply interested in what women can create, their opportunities and their potential impact to make a difference the world. It was a thread through my student years, and in many ways it influenced my early career strategy rather than what I actually did for work.

Following three major life events, I decided it was time to get off the fence and start working on what I really believe in. I took the plunge and created a business to support and enable women to make fulfilling career choices and live life at their best.

Coaching is a wonderful, enriching and collaborative process which allows me to work alongside some remarkable people in achieving more for themselves and shifting their impact on others.

Lisa used her compassion, humour, determination and acute perception to help me identify my priorities, and to give me the confidence to make significant changes to my career that reflect those priorities.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. SG, London

With a background in staff engagement, corporate communication and commercial publishing I have over 20 years of experience in working with people around change, communication, beliefs and motivation.

I am a professionally certified coach and licensed to use the Firework career transition programme. I blend my first hand experience of helping people manage change in the workplace together with in-depth expertise in facilitating personal growth and career development.

My clients vary in their background and goals. What they have in common is the desire for greater clarity about who they are, what they are capable of doing, and tools for confidently achieving this in balance with other important elements of their life.

Lisa tailored our sessions in a way which helped me to learn and implement positive changes. She doesn’t pull any punches and is great at summarising my waffle into clear statements and actions.  Lisa helped me make life changing decisions and difficult changes to my work and personal life. I feel I am a different and more balanced person. DLC, Accountant

I create an environment of warmth and encouragement, and working with you to build the trust we need to open up hidden possibilities, explore insights, challenge perceptions, and source the confidence to stretch out of your comfort zone.  For a free consultation with sample coaching session please get in touch.