A simple tool for setting your career direction this year

We are already in February, and your New Year’s resolutions may be losing their sparkle – or perhaps you don’t do resolutions anyway! How will you know if you are moving in the right direction in your work and career? If you don’t know where you are heading then you might soon find yourself stuck in the doldrums or drifting somewhere you don’t like at all, and that can be very de-motivational.dreaming

So take a quick break from your busy schedule and spend a precious few minutes taking that all important step back to set your career intentions for the year. Here is a simple exercise you can try when you get some quiet time to yourself:

First, take a few deep breaths in and out. Allow your body to relax and your eyes to soften. Enjoy the feeling of your body’s weight in the chair. Then bring your awareness to your career.

Ask yourself: “What is my high dream for my career this year“. Write a few notes.

And then ask“What supports my high dream?”

Next, explore your low dream in the same way.

You now have two parameters to work with –  a clearer sense of your vision, and also your potential concerns or fears. Both are important to know if you are going to make some change happen. Dreaming is a way of accessing what lies beneath the every day activities we spend most of our life doing. It is the place of possibility and of exploration which can help to shape and motivate your next steps forward.

Now you know your high dreams and low dreams, you can work out what is going to be most helpful for you to tackle next. Do you need to sort out an obstacle which is getting in your way, or start planning some actions which move you forward?

With your high dream and low dream in place, you can choose your direction of travel at any point in time and have something to check in with regularly throughout the year. You might like to create a picture or montage to connect you with those dreaming places, or simply post the words somewhere they will catch your eye. Do your action planning with each of these potential destinations in mind, and don’t forget to celebrate each step forward!

Photocredit: One is always dreaming, Jared Tarbell, 2012, Creative Commons Some rights reserved

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